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Product name : electric grease pump
Item : C-601
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Barrel Capacity:30L

Work Pressure:30-50Mpa

Max Pressure:70Mpa

Rated voltage:24V/220V

Grease Output:500g/min

Safety Overflow:50Mpa

Temperature Range:-30~60




1.Hyperpressure,Max pressure at 75Mpa

2.Large flow:600g/min

3.Long distance tansfer grease,max assemble 50m  grease hose

4.apply to work high above ground

5.apply to use different viscosity grease,no need fix oil

6.Used in all weather

7.Scientific and Tidy structural design,avert grease leaked

8.Precision manufacturing,guaranteed long life servise


1.Please carefully read the instructions before use, all illegal operation responsibility

2.Please connect barrey anode before use

3.Strictly prohibit random adjustment pressure gauge,overflow valve.

please read instruction before adjust pressure and trun offer the power.

4.The battery must be filled with 8 hours of the first charge,don’t power shortage for a long time or charging more than 24 hours

5.locked barrel cap when the pump operated,don’t put the finger,wrench and another things into barrel,it will damage machine or peoples.

6.don’t shot to people & animals,to avoid accident.

7.trun off the power when stop work,press grease gun realease pressure

8.don’t long time idling,To avoid the equipment wear.

9.don’t disassemabling valve body unauthorized,to avoid damage of equipment


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